Amal Maher first comment on the rumor of her disappearance

a lot of people spread the rumor about the disappearance of amal maher from the industry but recently amal maher tweeted about it and she also posted a tweet on her official account regarding the matter.

Egyptian singer Amal Maher surprised by the news of her disappearance so she tweeted through her official account. Podcast feed The truth also posted something about amal maher that angered her lovers and the podcast have to face the anger of her fans.

amal maher pics

A twitter user commented that “We need a new album to enjoy your beautiful songs to make sure the Arabs have the importance and power of your voice on the Arab level”

Another fan Posted that “The first Egyptian artist of the present time, your creativity is similar and we await your presence always to the splendor of your voice”

Amal maher didn’t reply to her fans on yesterday’s tweet but it looks like amal maher is back to industry now and she will continue the work now.

French-Egyptian actor Gamil Ratib is in Hospital

French-Egyptian actor Gamil Ratib is in Hospital: Gamil Ratib is in hospital because of health issues. Gamil Ratib lose the voice because of some issue and doctors didn’t find the reason behind the health issue.

Iman Alhasri said he is facing the issue from last 2 weeks and he lost his voice because of the medical illness. doctors prescribed several tests and they will reach at the final conclusion after the reports.

Doctors said that he is stable at hospital but still he is facing the voice issue because of some unknown reason. we will post more details about the French-Egyptian actor Gamil Ratib here so stay in touch with us.

Gamil Ratib is in hospital

We will try to keep in touch with the hospital so viewers should stay in touch with us.

Sami Al Jaber is New President of Al-Hilal Saudi Football Club

Sami Al Jaber is New President of Al-Hilal Saudi Football Club: Chairman of the Board of Directors Turki Al Sheikh appointed Sami Al-Jaber as new President of Al-Hilal football club. Nawaf bin Saad resigned from the post so Turki Al Sheikh appointed him as the new president.

#Update (06-06-2018): “The Saudi League does not have enough intensity to prepare players for a tournament like the World Cup. That is why players need to go overseas.” That is the verdict of Sami Al-Jaber

Turki Al Sheikh posted this news on his Twitter account “My dear brother Sami Al-Jaber is Al-Hilal’s president”. Sami Al-Jaber is old player of Al-Hilal’s and Saudi national team.

Sami Al-Jaber was coach of Al-Hilal but he resigned a year later. Sami Al-Jaber did his job as a coach of Al-Hilal Saudi Football Club in 2013-2014 but then he left it.

official twitter account of Sami Al Jaber also confirmed the news about the resignation of Nawaf bin Saad.

Egyptian film actress Madiha Yousri Died

#Update: (31-05-2018) Actress Madiha Yousri died today at Cairo military hospital. She Shifted to 20 days ago because of health issues.

Prime Minister Sherif Ismail mourned the death of Madiha Yousri and offered condolences to her fans.

Egyptian film actress Madiha Yousri Died: Popular Egypt Film Actress is in the hospital because of high blood pressure and Swelling of the mouth. At age of 96, Madiha Yousri is facing several health issues and now admitted in Army Hospital of Egypt.

Egyptian Minister of Social Solidarity, Ghada Wali visited Egyptian film actress Madiha Yousri and asked about her health. Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Sidqi Subhi said that Army will bear the health expenses of Madiha Yousri. Treatment is going on in Armed hospital in Egypt.

Egyptian Prime Minister, Sherif Ismail also meet to Madiha Yousri and asked about her health. Sherif Assured about all government help to the Actress.

Stay with us to get more updated news on the health condition of Egyptian film actress Madiha Yousri.

University of Jeddah Starting admission of Bachelor’s Degree through

Jeddah University of Saudi Arabia Kingdom going to start admission of Bachelor’s students through its official portal

The Dean of University of Jeddah Dr. Amer Alzaidi said that this year university going to take the largest number of admission. The Dean said that students can apply for Admission in the University of Jeddah for 40 days.

After the admission process university will upload the result of candidates who successfully secured their place in the university. The result will be announced on 4/11/1439 AH.

Students who wish to apply for taking admission in the University of Jeddah can apply online through below given link.

Apply For Admissions

Students can apply online through above-given page for admissions in Jeddah University.